Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow way!

Nikon D70s, f7.1, 1/200sec, -1.33 EV, ISO 200, 27mm equivalent, (click to enlarge)

This morning we awoke to find that snow had finally arrived in our part of the world. We had watched enviously as the rest of Ireland and our friends across the water had been literally buried in the stuff a few weeks ago whilst we had had what could only be generously described as “a light dusting”.

Unfortunately, even as I write this it is melting . Such is the price for living in the semi-tropics of the Cork Riviera


Joc Sanders said...

O ye Ice and Snow bless ye the Lord!

Daniel Owen said...

Nice One Joc - hadn't thought of that...

Grannymar said...

Living in the semi-tropics of the Cork Riviera is what I fancy right now. Here in Co. Antrim it is dull & gray with 0°C temps.

I talked to my brother in Melbourne about an hour ago and he was pleased that the temp had dropped 20°C in one day!!

Fires still burn but the danger seems to have passed for another 8 months.