Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Juxtaposition

Panasonic FZ50, 1/6sec, f2.8, ISO 200, 0EV, 35mm (35mm equivalent), (Click to Enlarge)

Here we have the tension of Christmas: The Virgin and Child in the foreground and the Virgin Megastore in the background. Two competing voices: one is the timeless truth of the awesome humility of the incarnation, the other is the brash, hollow and fleeting thing that persistently tries to rob us of what Christmas is about...

I took this picture in 1996, the Virgin Megastore has been re-branded since.


Gary said...

Great photo Daniel, although you had me confused for a moment or two until I read that you'd taken the shot a few years back.

Thanks for sharing it - it illustrates the difference in worldview and values so well!

Joc Sanders said...

A very happy and blessed Christmas to you Daniel, and best wishes for 2009!

And thank you for the gift of your blog, with its beautiful images and words.