Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clergy Conference

Most of the clergy - There are so many possibilities for suitably funny captions I'll leave them up to you...!
Nikon D70s, 1/160 sec, f6.3, ISO 200, 29mm (Click to enlarge)

On route to Gougane Barra (Click to enlarge)
Nikon D70s 3 photos at 1/400 sec, f10, ISO 200, 40mm

Glengariff shop (Click to enlarge)
Nikon D70s, /320 sec, f10, ISO 200, 35mm

Well the annual Cork, Cloyne & Ross Clergy conference has been and gone once again. The speaker this year was Bishop Michael Mayes who gave us some truly excellent insights into the interpretation of Scripture with genuine warmth, wisdom, humour and humility. One thing that he said that has stuck with me is that dissection is done usually to something that is dead and that if you dissect something that is alive you would end up killing it - and to bear this in mind when we try and dissect the Bible. In thinking about this I would further say that it should be a case of allowing God's word to dissect us - but of course we try not to do that too much becasue when we do we usually don't like all the ugly rubbish and selfishness in our lives that is exposed!

As always though my favourite part of the conference was the afternoon on the second day when we were allowed to escape! The sun came out and it was great to go around taking pictures ...

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